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Research Guide for Dark Side Speech
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Learning Outcomes

Welcome! This guide will help you prepare for your "Dark Side" speech. After using this guide, you will be able to:

  • Identify the best databases for your topic
  • Brainstorm keywords
  • Evaluate information
  • Remember to cite your sources in APA format! 

The Dark Side Assignment

“Dark Side” Presentation Assignment

1. You will select or be assigned a partner from the class to make a presentation. (If there are an uneven number of students, some students may be required to to deliver this presentation solo. If that is the case, the time limits on your presentation will be reduced to 4-6 minutes).

2. You and your partner will select a topic from the attached list or select an appropriate topic that interests you. If you want to select a topic that does not appear on the list, please make certain that you confirm it with the instructor, first.

3. You and your partner will conduct research on your topic, using the Library’s resources.

  • You are expected to prepare a Bibliography in a scholarly format (APA is recommended) of a minimum of four appropriate sources.  (You may use Wikipedia and your text, but not as one of your four minimum sources.)   You will turn in your Bibliography on the date of your presentation, either in hard copy or via an email attachment.

4. You and your partner will prepare an oral presentation/discussion of your findings about your topic that is seven to ten-minutes in length. (Your presentation will be timed and you may be cut off if you exceed ten-minutes).

5. You are to imagine that you are the keynote speakers at a professional seminar about the topic you have chosen. Your classmates are to imagine that they are participants in this seminar, who have a strong interest in the topic.

6. After your initial presentation, you will have between three to five-minutes to answer questions or respond to comments from the audience.

  • Classmates are enocuraged to ask for clarifications of elements in the presentation that they did not fully understand and/or additional information; or make relevant comments about the topic.
  • Presenters' ability to address these questions and comment will be considered as part of the grade.

7. Your discussion should focus on HOW the dark side of communication that you chose negatively affects interpersonal behavior and relationships using concepts from the course (i.e. class discussions and your textbook).

  • For instance, you may look at how the "dark side" behavior influences various aspects of the communication elements (such as "noise," "feeback," "feed forward," "context," etc.); and/or how it might be understood using the axioms of communication; and/or affect self and perception; and/or how culture may influence or be influenced by this dark side behavior; and/or how any other of the topics in your textbook are affected by this dark side behavior. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO INCLUDE ALL OF THE COURSE TOPICS IN YOUR DISCUSSION. YOU WILL NEED TO DELIMIT THE TOPICS IN YOUR PRESENTATION TO THOSE THAT YOU FIND IN YOUR RESEARCH TO BE THE MOST RELEVANT. DO NOT INCLUDE TOPICS OR VOCABULARY THAT YOU DO NOT FULLY COMPREHEND.

8. You are encouraged to use the technology in the classroom, i.e., computer/power-point presentations, Internet resources, etc., but please check the technology PRIOR to your presentation.

Selected “Dark Side” Topics

You will need to confirm your topic with the instructor prior to your scheduled presentation.

Domestic violence     Bullying Infidelity
Date rape Malicious gossip     Binge drinking    
Eating disorders        Homophobia Sexism
Racism Jealousy Stalking
Drug abuse Email ostracism Xenophobia

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