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ENGL 150 Puente - Kreit  

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Essay: A Social Problem and Solution

Due dates: 
Mon, 4/25:    Complete draft of flow chart.  Begin outlining. 
Wed, 4/27:   Full outline due for problem section (at least 1 page, including all main “P”oints as complete sentences and notes/ quotations of research you plan to use to support them).
Mon, 5/9:   Peer review (4 pages minimum for 5% credit).
Wed, 5/16:  Final draft due as an upload to and folder dropped off with the following: p. 35 in reader, flow chart, tutor feedback form, peer review draft. 
*Be sure to get tutoring feedback for this essay to receive the 5% credit.
Length:  5 - 7 pages
Topic:   Many things are not working well in the world we live in right now -- key aspects of our environment, our families, our political structures, and our social systems, don’t function in sustainable, healthy ways that work for everyone.  In our class this month, you heard a summary of many other social problems affecting the country.   Now that we have had several opportunities to practice essay writing and researching in English 150, we are going to be returning to this type of analysis for the final project in our class.
Task:  In a fully developed research paper, analyze a social problem and describe one effort being made to solve this problem.  You may choose a social problem you heard about during class presentations or on Moodle or research and pick another social problem.  The more specific the topic, the more focused your research and writing will be, so choose carefully!  
Develop your essay using research to support the points you are making.   At least 3 of your sources need to come from the COM library databases. Personal experiences or observations may be appropriate, as long as they are supported by or connected to research. 
What to include: 
The Problem Section: 
  • Define the nature of the problem:  What the problem is, how widespread or serious it is, who it affects, and why it is important.
  • Describe what seems to be the main cause(s) of the problem
  • Describe the larger or longer-term effects (consequences) of the problem
The Solution Section:  Describe one successful effort that is being made to address this social problem.  This can be an organization, a program, a law, etc. at the local level or at a much larger scale that is successfully trying to address the social problem.
  • Describe this effort being made.  How does it work?  Who does it affect?  Where?  What evidence is there of success?
  • Why is this solution effective?  Consider the flowchart you made and how the solution relates to the causes and effects of the social problem.
Use the steps below to guide your research process:
1) Narrow your focus:
  • What issue do you want to cover in your paper?  Can you narrow the topic to a particular aspect of the problem or population of people it affects? 
  • Will it be possible to find research from the databases to describe the problem? 
2) Research and refine topic:  Begin using the databases to find information about your problem and efforts people are making to solve this problem.  Refine your definition of the problem, based on research – then look for more research to support your definition of the problem and the solution.  Don’t jump to conclusions.  Wait until you’ve read many sources (not just one!) about the problem and possible solutions before you make up your mind.
3) Fill out the flowchart.  This will help you clearly understand the problem and a possible effort to solve the problem. 
4) When you’re ready to begin writing, start with the problem section.
5) Move on to the solution section.  Remember that you are looking for an effort that is already being made to solve this problem.   Describe this effort. 
6) Don’t forget a works cited page.  Include all the sources cited in your paper.   You need to include a copy of each of the sources in your works cited page and include them in your final draft folder.

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