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ENGL 223 - Klinger  

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ENGL 223

Survey of English Literature II

This survey course in English literature covers important works from the late 18th century through the 20th century. Lectures supply the background necessary for appreciation of the works and suggest the wealth of literary material available to the intellectually curious reader or to the student of literature.

Course Text: Norton Anthology of English Literature, volume 2


Assignment 1

Analytical Essay 1

For Essay 1, you are asked to select one work or one author from the NAEL that we are studying this semester and use that as the basis for your comparison and/or contrast to a reworking of the text by another writer or filmmaker in a different historical period. You may wish to consider an adaptation or a more contemporary version of the literary text you select from the NAEL

You will be asked to clear your choice of texts with me before pursuing your topic. You can send me your selection by Moodle Message or share them with me after class.

Format: Please provide an MLA formatted essay and Works Cited.

Length: Your completed Essay 1 should be approximately 5 pages or 1, 250 words, 12pt font such as Palatino, Times New Roman, Arial, or Helvetica.

Weight: 15% of your final grade.

Support: Please submit a draft of your Essay 1 to the OWC or seek out the support of an Instructional Specialist in the Writing Lab before revising your work for submission. I am in the Writing Center on Tuesdays from 10-12:30 pm and Wednesdays from 10:30-1 pm.

Due Date: March 17, 11:55 PM in Moodle Turnitin; please submit a Word document. 



    Assignment 2

    Major Author/Text Research Paper 

    Topic: Due in the Forum by March 24

    Create a topic of your own choosing, selecting a literary figure or text (in cases where authorship is unknown) included in The Norton Anthology of English Literature (volume 2). For our purposes, a literary figure is a writer whose major works are literary, dramatic, and/or poetic and who has received enough scholarly attention for her writing to enable you to write a Research Paper of 7-8 pages. Once you select the literary figure you would like to focus on in your research, do some preliminary web and library research to ensure that you can find enough materials to treat your literary figure as extensively as necessary for a 7-8 page Research Paper.

    You may treat any works the author has published in your Research Paper, including ones not anthologized in our course text. Your Research Paper should provide some sense of the writer's biography, as well as a detailed analysis of the literary figure's contribution to literary history. Please do not simply write a review of the literary figure's work(s) or recount the writer's biography; rather, make an argument about the literary figure you select, creating a Research Paper that advances, illustrates, and documents your argument by considering the writer's work and the scholarly attention it has received by literary critics and theorists.

    • You are encouraged to develop your presentation material, if you wish to do so.
    • You are welcome to do research on the same literary figure as others in the class.
    Assignment Details: The research paper assignment asks students to pick a major author from our course text (The Norton Anthology of English Literature) to research and discuss in 7-8 pages (MLA Style) with a Works Cited. You will need to address biographical, historical, and literary aspects to contextualize the writer in terms of his or her culture, history, and politic milieu. In addition, you will need to analyze the writer's place in the canon, literary style, and the applicable criticism (feminists, psychoanalytical, gender and sexuality, New Historicism, and so forth).
    Due Dates: We will have a peer-review on April 28, so you will need to post a completed draft of your Research Paper to the Moodle Forum. You will reduce your argument to an abstract of no more than 250 words to share with the class, when you submit your final revised RP on May 5, so we will all learn more about the literary figure you studied.  We will have a class presentation, when we share abstracts and discuss research at the end of the course on May 5.

    Research: Draw on at least 6 sources (print and/or electronic) to fulfill the research component of this assignment. Your research will enhance, in particular, the historical and analytical aspects of your essay.
    • At least one of your sources must be as recent as 2005-2015.
    • At least 4 of your sources must be from peer-reviewed journals or scholarly sources, though you are welcome to include additional sources that are not peer-reviewed. (A source can be both recent and peer-reviewed or historic and peer reviewed.) Basically, a peer-reviewed article is written by a scholar/specialist in the field, whereas a magazine article is typically written by someone who reads the peer-reviewed journal article and summarizes or expands on it. 

     Finally, please provide a Works Cited, using MLA style with 2009 updates. Your Works Cited should only contain works you cite or paraphrase in your paper.

    Format: MLA Style Works Cited - Use MLA 2009 Updated Style. You should consider a model MLA document so that you will know how your Research Paper should look once formatted. Pages 408-412 of Diana Hacker's A Writer's Reference (with 2009 Updates) provide you with all the information needed to plan, draft, format, and finalize your Research Paper document. Additionally, there are links to online writing centers below.
    Length: 1750-2000 words (approximately 7-8 pages). Please put your word count at the end of your essay. (Only include the title and text of your essay in your word count; exclude course identification information, quotations, and Works Cited.)
    Submission: Please upload your Research Paper to Turnitin an attachment in the Moodle Course Shell. 


    • 25% of Course Grade
    • RP Draft and Peer Review (5%)
    • RP Abstract and Presentation (5%)
    • Final Revised Research Paper (15%)

    You must earn a grade of "C” or higher on the Research Paper to pass the course. Additionally, you must complete each of the steps above (topic, draft, abstract, presentation, and Final Revised Research Paper) to grade credit for your Final Revised Research Paper. If you do not submit your topic by the deadline, your Research Paper grade will be reduced by 2% a day for each day after the deadline. If you have not submitted your topic by March 24 at 6:00 pm (a 10% deduction), you will receive a grade of zero on your Research Paper and you will not be eligible for course credit for ENGL 223. (This policy discourages last minute work and plagiarism. If you have an emergency, however, please let me know so that we can devise a plan for your success.)

    Getting Help: You will have the opportunity to discuss your research with your classmates, the Instructional Specialists at the COM Writing Lab and in the OWC, librarians, and your instructor. Hacker's A Writer's Reference and the online writing centers (Leo, OWL, and Webster) also offer guidance.
    Online Writing Centers and Punctuation Review:

      Student Learning Outcomes

      Learning outcomes for this LibGuide include:

      1. Identifiy sources in order to access information.

      2. Use information responsibly.

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