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ANTH 103 - Soluri  

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Term Paper Instructions

Your paper should be between five and six pages, double-spaced (around 1200 1500 words total). You must use either Arial or Times New Roman font in size 12. Your margins should be 1 inch on all sides. If you have questions about how to set these settings, please ask your instructor.
You will choose one of the following popular films. You are responsible for locating and viewing your chosen film in your own time. Each of these films touches on different aspects of globalization covered in our course. You will choose TWO course topics (or two different aspects of the same topic) that appear in the film, and you will critically analyze the film’s representation of these topics. In analyzing the film’s representation, you will use evidence from assigned course readings and from your own independent research in books and articles. These lines of evidence must be referenced using in-text citations and a properly formatted bibliography.
Film Options
  • Avatar (2009)
    • Issues of colonialism, resource exploitation, the environment, and the practice of anthropology
  • Beyond Borders (2003)
    • Issues of global health and humanitarianism
  • Blood Diamond (2006)
    •   Issues surrounding conflict diamonds
  • The Whistleblower (2010)
    • Issues surrounding sex trafficking
Research and References
You must support your analysis with scholarly research. Your paper must reference:
  • At least ONE of the assigned course readings
  • At least TWO additional readings from an appropriate source (see below)
 Any material you use in your paper, must be given an in-text citation AND a corresponding reference in your bibliography. You should not have in-text citations and bibliography references that are unpaired.
Your in-text citations and bibliography references should be formatted according to the instructions provided in class and as part of In-Class Assignment #3. You are encouraged to review that assignment for examples of formatting do’s and don’ts. Remember, online material that would also have appeared in print (such as a digital version of a published government report or a newspaper article) should be cited as a print resource, not a website.
If you have any questions about in-text citation and/or bibliography formatting, please contact your instructor well in advance of the assignment due date.
Appropriate Reference Material
You must cite at least two readings from beyond the list of assigned material in the course. This will require you to conduct library research in order to locate appropriate external reference material. An appropriate source is:
  • Relevant to your chosen topic/s
  • Published within the last 20 years
  • From a book, edited volume, magazine/journal, reputable newspaper article, or reputable web source
    • A reputable newspaper article will include any article from a major, national publication (blogs and other web-posts are not acceptable)
    • A reputable web source includes material from government and non-governmental agency websites and reports. Blogs, wikipedia,and personal websites are not acceptable.
 If you have any questions about whether your reference is acceptable, please ask your instructor in advance of the assignment due date.
Academic Honesty
According to the College of Marin, “cheating, plagiarism (including plagiarism in a student publication), or engaging in other academic dishonesty” is not tolerated and “shall constitute good cause for discipline, including, but not limited to, removal, suspension or expulsion of a student.” Your paper should be written in your own words with citations provided for quotes and other external information. Students found in violation of this policy will be disciplined accordingly (with a 0 given for the paper assignment and additional discipline administered according to College policy).

Due Dates

Monday, November 16: Term Paper Topics are due in writing (hardcopy or via email) to the instructor by no later than the start of class.

Monday, November 23: Term Paper Bibliography with at least the minimum three requred sourecs is due in writing (hardcopy only) to the instructor by no later than the start of class.

Monday, November 30: Term Paper is due at the start of class. It is worth 20% of your course grade. Papers submitted after this time will be penalized according to the policy outlined in the course syllabus.


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